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The Bar

All I want is to wrap my arms around someone, have them do the same to me and not let go until I'm satisfied... I want to wrap them around her...

The Bar really is a place for anonymity. I haven't the slightest idea who I danced with, who I pressed against so closely, like a game of sex with clothes. It made me feel so experienced, even as I sank like a stone in my virginity. Teach me how to dance. Yeah, right. What the fuck ever. Who gives a shit if I can move to the right rythm? All I wanted was to feel the music pump through me and move me across the dance floor. I didn't want to drink, so I didn't. But I still felt weird. Like I was getting drunk through osmosis. Can you do that? Press yourself so close against someone that you soak up their alchohol into your own bloodstream? I think maybe it's possible.

Anyway, I wish it was; I could really do with a little oblivion.
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