Monna Sakura (monnasakura) wrote,
Monna Sakura

It's quite fascinating how my brain works. It alters and adapts activity to suit my surroundings. I think and process in a considerably more intricate way here in Switzerland than I think I ever was consciously aware of at home in the States. And that right there is the key: conscious awareness.

The background hum of my thoughts --the white noise, if you will-- has shifted to the forefront of my mind. I am now considering in depth the mundane basics of daily life as I complete them, not simply as a reminder or a remembrance of a task.

I suspect very strongly that this has a great deal to do with the language barrier. My German is not even conversational, and my Swiss dialect is limited to a small vocabulary. Because general conversation is carried on in German and/or dialect, I am completely unable to make input. Therefore my brain has come out of apathetic dormancy to keep me company

I must say that I am really enjoying this quite thoroughly.
Tags: barrier, brain, language, mind, switzerland, thoughts
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