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Just this morning, I experienced a semi-lucid dream in which I analytically broke down psychic abilities into two catergories:

Voluntary and Inherent

Voluntary abilities are those sought out intentionally. Voluntary has two sub-catergories; Activated and Sought:

- Activated is a variation on Inherent. It covers people with natural, but dormant gifts who actively seek out ways to unlock and utilize them.

- Sought are abilities developed by the individual who is not naturally in possession of a psychic gift.

Inherent abilities are psychic gifts that come naturally to an individual with little or no coaxing. Inherent has three sub-catergories; Conscious, Sub-Conscious, and Dormant:

- Conscious abilities are those that an individual is aware of and able to utilize with little problem.

- Sub-Conscious abilities are not known to the individual and can be utilized on occasion with the possessor none-the-wiser.

- Dormant abilities are just that: Dormant. The individual is in possession of a gift and may be aware of it (this is unlikely), but unable to utilize it either consciously or sub-consciously. Dormant gifts may be Activated with effort.
Tags: activate, categorizing, conscious, dormant, gift, inherent, psychic, sub-conscious
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