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Easter Hiking +

Well hell. I'm going to start posting things! OMG THE WORLD IS ENDING! I'm actually going to write myself a sticky note that says "Post to LJ, bitch." and stick it over my desk. That way I'll giggle about calling myself a bitch and hopefully get in the mood to post something random.

That said, I think most Easter candies are pretty but as a general rule, I don't actually want to eat them. My Easter nest from from Jeannette and the kids:

I hiked a fairly flat wanderweg yesterday for a totaly of 4 hours, 5 minutes (according to my dorf's church clock tower- It sort of varies depending on what town I'm walking through :P) and approximately 34 kilometers.

My boy, Algie, tells me that's something around 21 miles. I wouldn't know, I usually measure distance in units of time. It figures that the only time I start paying attention to actual distance measures is when I'm using a system I won't have much use for back home.

I may have gotten a little sick on that hike.
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