Monna Sakura (monnasakura) wrote,
Monna Sakura

Supernatural Recs #1

Fic A Vague Memory of Wisdom
Rating: Hard R (for violence and sexual content)
Reccer's Reason: The author's writing skill is obvious in this 4 part fiction. Takadainmate is honestly one of the best examples of tone and location setting prowess that I've seen in quite some time. But not only that; Her Castiel and Dean are so very much themselves throughout the fic. Pitch perfect characterization just about the whole way through.

My one teeny tiny insignificant qualm is with the setting itself. Though she writes it sexy as hell (if you're a bibliothekaphile like me), I do have to wonder about the logic of having an entire library's worth of leather-bound books in a place that is supposed to be as old as we're meant to believe... It's not a very big nitpick and doesn't distract in the least from the story.

Go read it!
Tags: rec, supernatural
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